OK so the digital revolution has changed marketing forever – but take it from our design experts, print advertising is definitely not dead! As the world adjusted to all the new forms of digital media, many businesses started to abandon catalogues, marketing brochures, flyers and print advertising in favour of cheaper digital marketing techniques.

Print is often dismissed and thought of as “old-fashioned” however studies have shown that messages delivered in print are more memorable than those on-screen. Print advertising and printed marketing materials are making a comeback – here’s why.

1.    It offers a tactile experience

We digest digital content multiple times a day, so it doesn’t really feel special. However, picking up a physical of paper or a brochure has a unique feeling, and this tactile experience can impress consumers. Reading on paper ignites other senses such as smell, touch and sound, which can improve the reading experience. Many people are reminiscent of this tangible type of marketing.

2.    More credible

There’s something about print marketing that makes it more credible than its digital counterpart. Using print forms of advertising gives a business a luxury appeal. Many web users are wary of viruses and refuse to click on digital advertisements. There’s something about print which offers a sense of credibility.

3.    Reach a wider audience

While the internet has billions of users worldwide, businesses should also remember that there are many people without internet access. By investing in print media, you can make sure you reach even more people and spread your message to all target demographics. Don’t presume that all young people prefer digital and older generations prefer print.

A good marketing strategy encompasses multi-channel marketing in order to appeal to a range of target customers. Print is alive and kicking, but should be used alongside digital methods to ensure your marketing message is well received.