Whether it’s a free pen, a flash drive or Promotional Products, items with a business logo printed on them are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Custom promotional products are a powerful marketing tool, giving businesses repeat exposure for a comparatively low cost.

The goal of using promotional giveaways is to attract customers and create brand appeal. People are grateful for a free product and appreciate something that is useful and adds value to their lives. 50% of people who receive promotional products use them in their daily lives. Customers also tend to give these items to others instead of throwing them away. Promotional items are perfect for new and established businesses alike.

Promotional Products are Affordable

Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional items will give you a lot of bang for the buck. Manufacturers keep prices of the promotional products low for mass distribution, but the impact is high on the recipients. Most consumers will save and use these items for about six months, then pass them on to someone else, reducing the cost per impression.

Branded merchandise can be as much as 66% more cost-effective per impression than conventional forms of advertising, such as newspaper, TV and magazine advertisements.

Brand Recognition

All businesses want to build a strong reputation and stand out from their competitors. Promotional products allow a company to apply their logo to an item their customers will use every day. Because these items remain in homes, offices, cars, etc. for a long time, the recipient is continuously reminded of the brand and will be more likely remember it when they need a product or service they offer.

Seeing the brand every day on an object they use, reinforces the marketing message without annoying the customer. 25% of people say their impression of a company is more favorable after receiving a promotional product. Six out of ten people will keep a branded item for up to two years, especially if it is something that is useful to them.

Customer Loyalty

Promotional products bring strong client retention and loyalty to a brand. They help give the brand more personality and tangibility. Making sure that gift items are well-planned and innovative will create a more significant impact on the target audience and help raise the brand’s profile.

People like receiving gifts. Giving a promotional item is like saying “I care. Thank you for being a customer.” Getting one of these products creates a feeling of wanting to give back by purchasing the products or services. One study showed that at a trade show, people were much more likely to visit a booth and listen to a pitch if a promotional item was involved.

85% of people do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item. Promotional gifts create a more personal relationship with the brand and turn customers into ambassadors.

Promotional Products

Can be lead generators that increase sales, function in the same way as a business card, but with better results. Because the customer sees it every day instead of putting it in a drawer and forgetting about it.

An understanding of the benefits of promotional products is essential to implement them into your advertising campaign correctly. As a business, you can take the time to learn what your customers need and give them a promotional gift that will add value and benefit to their day-to-day lives.