You maintain your business signage, keep it clean and free of graffiti. But as with any major investment, there may come a time when it no longer performs as you expected, no longer brings you the visibility, customers or brand awareness it originally did. In fact, you may even find that your signage portrays the wrong image of your business – an outdated logo, a sign in disrepair, etc.

So how do you know it’s time to upgrade or replace your business signage and get it back working for you? The first choice is often to ditch the old signage completely and start fresh, but it’s not always necessary in every situation. In fact, reworking an old sign can improve a sign’s appearance, effectiveness, and cost.

1. You’re using energy-inefficient lighting.

Consider upgrading to LED. You may not have to necessarily replace your existing signage, because sometimes you can retrofit your existing signage to accept new, cooler-burning LEDs. Properly done, the refurbished sign is likely to be safer, as well.

2. Your existing signs are unsightly or simply failing to meet your expectations as a business owner.

As with outdated lighting, in many situations refurbishing the old signage can be a smarter and more cost-effective alternative than replacing.

3. Your business signage doesn’t meet local permitting regulations.

Whether designing a new sign or updating an existing sign, reviews and approvals are almost always necessary. The key to getting a sign that is aesthetically pleasing, effective for your business, and approved for your location is to understand the overall rationale.  Local governments aren’t “anti-business,” but they do need to balance the needs of residents and business owners and ensure that their local ordinances are not at odds with federal and state regulations.

4. Your business signage features an electronic message center that has seen its useful life.

We’ve found many business owners buy electronic message boards and electronic message centers (EMC) without conducting a “due diligence” process. As with any sign investment, it’s important to consider where and how the sign will be used. And of course, not all electronic message boards are built with the same standards. Different grades of components can dramatically impact the visibility, durability of the signage, as well as its cost of operation.

5. Your business signage doesn’t meet ADA requirements.

Creating signage that useful, compliant, and beautiful is a tall order. But with thoughtful design, planning, and careful execution, it is possible to create signage that meets the architects’ vision.

Do any of these issues signal that your signage could be working better for you? Contact R&R Printing for all your signage upgrade needs.