Take a look at the business signage around your commercial property or office. How long have the same signs been on display? Are those signs looking as good as they did a couple of years ago? If you never considered the signs hanging up or have overlooked the condition of them, it may be high time for a change. A simple repair or even a design change can do wonders for your business.

Whether you decide to get a new sign or refurbish the current one, the image of your brand and business may greatly improve. Replacing and repairing signage can help revitalise a shopping centre or your storefront, aid in vitality, and even boost employee morale.

But should you invest in repairing your signs? How often should business signs be updated? We’re going to answer those questions and many more, so keep on reading.

Why You Should Replace or Upgrade Business Signs

Did you know that about 50 percent of consumers have given up finding a business because of unclear signage? Think about how many people will have passed your services by! Signs are a tremendous piece of a customer’s first impression. If you have old, broken, or weathered signage that cannot be seen from afar, then you are already failing your current customers and dissuading potential ones from even giving you a chance.

Furthermore, business signage is a silent influencer. With a great sign, you can draw attention and interest. People will be intrigued and will be more willing to connect with your business in some way.

So if you want to increase interest, attract new customers, and step-up marketing and brand recognition, then you should consider repairing or upgrading your business signage.

How Do I Know When To Change My Signage?

When are some times when you should upgrade your business signs? There are more reasons and moments than just when it has sustained damage or the lettering fades. Here are a few situations when you should change your signs:

  • Exterior redesign. Consistency in image is key if you want potential customers to be interested. If you change your business’s look, you need to change your signage to keep everything uniform and professional-looking.
  • Dated signage. There have been signage trends that came and left. Unless that dated look is part of your brand image, you are probably doing your business a disservice by keeping outdated business signs around.
  • Interior renovation. Similar to exterior redesign or rebranding, if you spend money on your interior renovation, don’t use the same old signage. Take advantage of the latest changes to fabricate innovative and eye-catching signage.
  • Competition has upgraded their signage. If every other business has recently upgraded and is using digital signage, it is a sign that your rusted retro number is no longer acceptable. You require upgrading, so you don’t lose out.
  • Increase local brand recognition and sales. The best way to target locals is to let them know you exist. While online advertising helps generate interest, your signs are going to attract local people more quickly. If you have old signage, you aren’t going to reach the same amount of people as with new signs.
  • Time and cost-efficiency. If you want to be more eco-friendly in your practices, reduce your energy output, and stop spending so much on the utility bill, it might be time to consider updating your old and inefficient signage.
  • Damage. Any sign is going to age. Colours fade from sun expose. Metal starts to rust. Strong winds might ding the surface. These signs are candidates for being refurbished or repaired.

About Sign Repair, Sign Replacement, and Sign Refurbishing

If you are confused about whether you should repair, refurbish, or replace, don’t worry. It is a common issue with businesses.

You might want to repair your current signs if they have recently been damaged in strong winds or from debris or other accidental mishaps. When that happens, you can call a sign store to send out a technician to evaluate the damage and see if repairs are worthwhile. If the damage is light, the fix won’t take long.

Sometimes, you will need to get your sign restored instead of repaired. Generally, refurbishing happens when a sign is old but still valid (and would cost less to keep around). Refurbishing will not change the overall look of the sign nor upgrade it in any way. It will, however, return it to its mint condition, such as recolouring faded letters or remaining surface stains.

Upgrading might mean replacing the entire sign or gutting it and refilling it with the latest technology, such as channel letters and LED lights.

When Should I Buy a New Sign Instead of Refurbishing an Existing One?

Sometimes, the best option is to replace an old sign with a new one, especially if repairing the current sign is going to cost you a lot more. Considering the labour that goes into replacing electrical components or adding new features to an old sign, the better investment might be an upgrade.

The other reasons you should buy a brand-new sign instead of repairing or refurbishing are:

  • New signs have new warranties and technology that will save you money and time on maintenance
  • Newer signs have more customisation options and will increase the visual appeal of your business
  • Cost of labour and parts for repairing cost more for the old sign than the new one
  • The damage to the current sign has been deemed irreparable
  • There was a change in management or a business merger
  • Signage codes in the city or municipality changed

Fix or Replace Your Signage

Signs can make or break the first impression people have of your business. Whether you are up for a change or want to stay with a design that is tried and true, repairing, refurbishing, or upgrading your business signage is an investment that you will never regret.

Are you ready to partner with a professional design team to have the best business signage ever?